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Starting back in the 1950's, Somerville Nurseries Inc. was founded by John Somerville; following the path of his grandfather and uncles, who were all involved in Forestry operations in Ontario. John began planting trees onto harvested timber lands as a side business after studying Forestry at University of Toronto. This land within the Alliston area was perfect for Evergreens, which became Somerville's specialization.
Initially Somerville Nurseries Inc. was a simple wholesale Christmas Tree Farm, which has since branched out into three divisions:
1. Christmas Trees
Staying true to Somerville's roots, providing high quality Christmas Trees to wholesale accounts across Canada and the United States
2. Ornamental Nursery Stock
In the '70's, Somerville Nurseries Inc. began planting various types of Coniferous trees to be dug and sold to garden centres and landscapers as ornamental nursery stock.  Since then, we have expanded and are in the early stages of growing and selling Deciduous trees as well
3. Seedlings and Transplants
Somerville Nurseries Inc. has always grown their own seedlings and transplants, but following the closure of the Provincial Nursery program, we have expanded to supply government programs, Conservation Authorities  and Planting Agencies with millions of bare-root tree seedlings every Spring 
We currently utilize approximately 3000 acres of land between the three divisions: Christmas Trees, Nursery Stock, Seedlings and Transplants.
We are strictly field production. Our Ornamental Nursery division sells only what it grows, and focuses on wire basket sized trees.
Spruce, Pine and Fir comprise the majority of what we grow, with a sprinkling of native deciduous trees.
Our wire basket Evergreens are sold primarily in Ontario and Quebec, but we do ship into Michigan, Ohio, New York and Massachusetts.
If you are ordering from the US., Somerville Nurseries Inc. will look after CFIA inspection and any associated costs to export. We use only reliable logistics partners and ensure the trees get to you properly protected and handled with care.
New York-01.png
At Somverville's we are known for great survivability. Our evergreens are root-pruned three times throughout their growing period. We double burlap, crimp the baskets, use only sisal rope for the baskets, and clearly label our trees.
We stock our Summer ornamental yard with over 7000 nursery stock spring dug wire basket trees for shipping all summer, until we begin digging again in August. All baskets are partially heeled in, the tops are un-tied, and every tree gets drip irrigation. This allows us to service our customers with just in time shipping from April until October.
Our staff are experienced and dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience. Our turnover time from order to ship is envied by our competition and praised by our customers. We don't just grow trees, we grow business. Our partnerships are valuable to us, and we work hard to preserve them.
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Our goal is Excellence, Honesty, Competency, and Integrity in what we sell and how we deliver to our customers. Our vision is to grow high quality trees, provide the best customer experience at prices that provide growth opportunities for our client partners, our employees and ownership. Growth that allows investment in people, land and equipment. Good stewardship practices that respect and promote a greener environment.
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